Welcome to to IT A&E.

A friendly, honest IT service for all types of people from all walks of life.

If you have an problem, a request, a need for help on how to do something then give us a call. Our aim is to keep IT up and running, cost effectively and easy to use for all.

If you need someone to visit you when its convenient for you then we can oblige. If you need your machine taking away and fixing then we can do that too. If you need a new machine and you are not sure what to buy then we are happy to sit down and help you decide and source it via a means that suits you.

No matter whether you are a business or a member of the public you are a future customer of ours and all will be treated equally. So let your PC be our patient and get in touch.

IT A&E's remote support client can be downloaded here: http://get.teamviewer.com/gaer263


If you have a problem you can find out here how we would deal with it

Repair Services

IT A&E is able to provide support for any business in a way that suits you.


To enquire please call us on 07551 171011
or email us


If you have a problem this is typically how we would deal with it:

• I aim to visit the machine in its own surroundings so arranging a visit is the first step.

• Once on site the first thing to do is to establish whether the issue is fixable there and then. It's then straight into diagnosing what the issue is and establishing a mutually agreed course of action.

• At this point I will check with the customer whether they would like to go ahead with the proposed fix. If yes I get to work. If no then I leave and there is no charge.

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Computer and Laptop Repairs in Skegness, Alford and Louth

About Us

My name is Stewart Jarvis-Grove and I am the founder of IT A&E which I started in 2013. I have fifteen years' experience in various sectors of IT including commercial, corporate, anti-virus and education.

Throughout these years I have helped many people in residential and small business sectors, mostly as favours, and none more so than in the last three years.

It occurred to me one day that there is a lack of support in these areas. There are a few people advertising and there are shops dotted here and there but most of the people I have helped either do not know about them, do not want to go to a shop or they have had a bad experience.

So my aim is to provide an honest, cost effective, friendly and flexible service to whoever would like it.

If you would like an estimate please either fill out our online enquiry form or call 07551 171011

I do not support Apple products however. If you are completely stuck and can't find an Apple specialist i am willing to try and resolve any Apple issues but my no fix no fee policy does not appply to work carried out on Apple products.

Stewart Jarvis-Grove